Why was this course created?

Movement dysfunctions are one the primary causes of pain following exercise and repetitive dysfunctional movement will likely lead to injury. An injured client leads to a loss of income for the trainer whilst reducing injury risk provides greater service and value to the client. This course will allow you to confidently assess static and dynamic postures and uncover capacity restrictions which are leading to altered movement and tissue overload. You will then be able to plan suitable and personalised corrective exercise prehab / rehab programs for the client, improving muscle coordination, movement quality and exercise technique.

What will you learn?

This course will teach you how the kinetic chain is linked and works to create movement; alongside the important role of muscle couples, length tension relationships, neural inhibition stability and mobility components. This course will teach you how we move, how a weak link in the kinetic chain leads to global issues, the importance of proper arthrokinematics, force couples, length tension relationships and a healthy neuromuscular system. You will learn how to assess the function of the kinetic chain and find underpinning issues causing dysfunctions such as muscle imbalances or inhibited muscles using assessment techniques. Finally, you will be able to design a personalised corrective exercise program for the client to improve their movement quality and reduce injury risk.

Following this course, you will be able to:

  • Complete a postural analysis of a client

  • Complete a dynamic movement screen for the client

  • Be able to assess muscle imbalances

  • Know how to test range of motion and muscle strength in clients

  • Be able to write effective corrective exercise programs.

Check out the lessons in this course

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • A welcome message from the instructor
  • 2

    Anatomy Review

    • Anatomy of Movement Lecture and Handouts
  • 3

    Muscular System Review

    • Muscular System Lecture and Handouts
  • 4

    Neural System

    • Introduction to the Neural System Lecture
  • 5

    The Mobility / Stability Model

    • Stability and Mobility Lecture & Videos
  • 6

    Static Postural Assessment

    • Static Posture Lecture
  • 7

    Dynamic Movement Assessment

    • Dynamic Movement Assessment Lecture
  • 8

    Range of Motion / Manual Muscle Testing

    • ROM / MMT Lecture and Practical
  • 9

    Inhibition / Lengthening

    • Inhibition / Lengthening Lecture
  • 10

    Integration / Strengthening

    • Integration / Strengthen Lecture
  • 11


    • Review of content

How is the course delivered?

  • Lectures

    Engaging content delivering theory and structure

  • Practical Demonstration

    Video demonstrations for visual learning

  • Worksheets

    Worksheets to assess knowledge and compliment learning

  • Research Papers

    Relevant research papers to build your evidence base

  • Learning Quiz

    To help you assess your knowledge and know when to move on

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David Francis (Lead Tutor)

David has worked in the fitness industry for over 10 years and currently is the programme leader for a Sports Therapy degree course. After completing his personal training qualification, he quickly become one of the top personal trainers in the area, with an evidence-based approach to training borrowing from professional sports team approaches. Degrees in Sports Science (BSc) and Strength & Conditioning (MSc) followed. He has experience working in high profile gym management leading teams of personal trainers, teaching level 2 and 3 courses to hundreds of students and working in high level sports teams.

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